Stormwater (QISP; IGP ToR) & Industrial Waste Water Permitting and Compliance


EHI  has extensive working experience with Sanitation Districts, Sewer Engineering Bureaus, Sewer agencies, plus local Waste Water Districts in Southern California and throughout the southwestern United States

EHI assists with:

  • Determining the applicability of Industrial Waste Water Discharge Requirements,
  • Preparing initial and renewal permit applications, including waste water treatment plans and drawings,
  • Preparation of Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit Surcharge Reports,
  • Operating Condition Compliance,
  • Baseline Monitoring Report (BMR),
  • Self-Monitoring Reports (SMR),
  • Toxic Organic Management Plans,
  • Slug Discharge Plans,
  • Coordinating required monitoring and reporting,
  • Resolving Violations.

The Regional Water Quality Control Boards have the authority to specify conditions under which waste water can be disposed to land (i.e. percolation ponds, indirect and direct potable reuse etc.). This is done through a process involving a submittal known as a notification of waste discharge, which if accepted and approved gives rise to waste discharge requirements.

EHI capabilities for Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) permitting, monitoring, and reporting including:

  • Preparation of Notices of Waste Discharge, Waste Discharge Permit Applications,
  • Ongoing compliance management,
  • Wastewater Monitoring / Sampling / Analysis,
  • Annual or required frequency reporting,
  • Notices of Violation (NOV).
Industrial Waste Water Discharge Permitting and Compliance
EHI focuses on compliance with the Statewide Industrial General or IGP.

Mr. B. J. Atkins, founder and co-owner of Environmental HELP, Inc., was among the first water experts to be certified as a QISP, IGP-ToR (#006).

EHI can HELP with:

  • SMARTS Registration and Data Entry Work,
  • Development / amendment of site specific IGP related No Exposure Certification (NEC) & recertification
  • SMARTS Technical Assistance including preparation and submittal of a Notice of Intent (NOI) / Change of Information (COI) / Notice of Termination (NOT),
  • Development / amendment of site specific IGP related SWPPPs,
  • Development / amendment of site specific IGP related MIPs,
  • Recommendations for appropriate and cost-effective Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Agency liaison and response to agency enforcement actions.
  • EHI can HELP with required IGP training, permitting, monitoring, and reporting.

Environmental HELP

EHI is a full service environmental consulting firm, founded in 1989 to assist California businesses in managing their ever more complex regulatory compliance requirements.

Environmental HELP