Environmental Permitting Expert

EHI can help. Securing Environmental Permits in challenging circumstances is a strong suit.

  • Industrial General (Stormwater) Permit IGP Compliance
  • Industrial Waste Water Discharge
  • Waste Discharge Requirements
  • Waste Managment Related Permits
  • Tiered Permitting (PBR)
  • Air Quality

Environmental Permitting

Environmental permitting and associated delays can put a project at risk. Timely and efficient permitting with appropriate advocacy can determine if a project will be successful, plus impact project timing and cost. EHI combines years of experience and detailed knowledge with favorable long term agency relationships to provide smooth and efficient permit approvals, while following the no surprise rule. EHI has a terrific track record in securing difficult permits while avoiding costly permit delays. The client deserves to know the several ways to accomplish compliance.They have options. Proper project evaluationwhen complied with properc understanding of the clients’ short and long-term goals can enable development of a permitting strategy designed to meet strict requirements now and in the future.

EHI can permit all types of projects, stands ready to prepare permit packages including applications for Authority / Permit to Construct and / Permit to Operate.

Air Permitting Examples:

  • Spray Booths,
  • Microturbines,
  • Central Plants,
  • Metal Plating,
  • Adhesive Application,
  • Surface Coating,
  • Ovens,
  • Boilers,
  • Grinding Operations,
  • Metal Plating,
  • Adhesive Application,
  • Air Toxic Reporting,


  • Annual Emissions & Emissions Fee Based (AER or EFB) Reporting & Calculation
  • Hot Spot Analysis (AB2588)
  • Health Risk Assessments/Screening Assessments
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis
  • Dispersion Modeling
  • Air Monitoring


  • Emission Reduction Credits
  • RECLAIM Trading Credits (RTCs)
  • Emission Offsets
  • Thermal Oxidizers (Afterburners)
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Emergency Generators
  • Incinerators
  • Large Facility/Title V Permits (Federal Operating Permits Program)
  • Pollution Control Services
  • Air Permit Compliance Assessments

EHI has extensive working experience with several Air Districts and throughout the southwestern United States in Southern California in particular,

EHI can also assist with:

Industrial General (Stormwater) Permit IGP Compliance (NPDES):

  • SMARTS Registrations, Submittals and Compliance,
  • Notice of Intent preparation and submittal,
  • No Exposure Certification preparation and submittal,
  • Notice of Termination preparation and submittal,
  • SMARTS Annual Reporting (for more see the Stormwater Page).

Industrial Waste Water Discharge Permitting Examples:

  • Industrial waste water discharge permitting and renewals,
  • Annual Surcharge Reporting,
  • Toxic Organic Management Plans,
  • Slug Discharge Plan,


Environmental HELP

EHI is a full service environmental consulting firm, founded in 1989 to assist California businesses in managing their ever more complex regulatory compliance requirements.

Environmental HELP